Text robots for e-commerce.
Product descriptions, category pages and personalised marketing.

Textual Go!
Easy generation of
product descriptions

Textual Go! is our basic platform for easy creation of product descriptions for e-commerce. In no time you can create SEO friendly texts in multiple languages. We currently support 7 languages. Request a demo!

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Text robots

Textual automates the creation of marketing material for online retailers and brands.

Automatically generated content is useful for retailers that needs to create and maintain a large amount of content in multiple channels and languages. Using our algorithms we also optimise the content for improved search ranking and conversion.

We base our solutions on the latest developments within natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP). Our first text robot has been up and running since 2015.


Many online retailers with a large inventory struggle with writing and optimising product descriptions for all their products.

Textual provides a scalable solution for automating creating product descriptions. We have a unique solution for enriching the product data to be able to write natural texts that appeal to the customers.

We can write variations of descriptions in different lengths or for different channels. For example the webshop, Google Shopping, price comparison sites or for resellers.


Online retailers can benefit from our text robots for ad generation. We can create, optimise and keeping track of for example a large amount of AdWords.

This is particulary useful to use for long-tail ads for specific products or segments.
Our algorithms also optimise of the texts in the ad to improve conversion.


Personalise the experience with on-demand content is proven to drastically improve conversion. Content tailored for a specific customer is easy to scale with Textual’s technology. 

This could be used in for example e-mail, SMS or personalised texts in a webshop. Another use case is to provide retargeting and programmatic ads with more targeted offers based. This is a great usage of collected data such as abandoned cart or purchase history.

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